About BJX Power T&D

BJX Power T&D is the most inflencial and professional online media of PTD in China,providing the latest market information of PTD – Trends and news of PTD projects,equipments,technologies, enterprises and market analysis.It covers nearly all the industrial chain and fields of PTD, especially the new fields of UHV, smart grid, micro power grid, energy internet, electricity communications, energy storage, charging pile,etc.

♦Widely-covered Contents
Its content covers whole PTD system, involed segments of Power Transmission, Substation, Distribution, Information and communication, Online monitoring, power quality, energy storage and product series of wires & cables,  low-voltage electrical appliances, charging equipment and so on.Here you can find nearly all the information of PTD you need in China,not only from macropolicy to project engineering but also from power grid construction to electrical equipment.
♦Wholely-benefited Services
Making full use of BJX Power Sites’advantages,BJX Power T&D has formed integrated business model(including media,B2B,recruit service,BBS).To our clients’s satisfaction,it uses all kinds of marketing means to wholely ensure clients’advertising and promoting benifits.
♦One-to-one Promotion Plan
According to your needs and reqirements,we will help you make a criticle promotion plan for the best publicity effect.
♦Quick Respose for Cooperation
BJX Power T&D has most effictive and convenient service procedure.Once your needs offered,you will be responsed quickly.
About BJX Power

BJX Power was founded in December 1999 and has been focusing onthe power industry and providing the latest industry information, policy interpretation, technical exchanges, personnel recruitment and e-commerce services for the power industry.

BJX Power’s ALEXA ranking is within top 20000, which is far ahead among the power websites. At present, it is the most influential and famous vertical portal website in the power industry which has various related members up to 1 million and the average daily PV over 800,000.

BJX Power is the platform of choice for product promotion, marketing of electric power enterprises.

It is the oldest,most famous,ranked first, most visited vertical portal with the maximum amount of information in the power industry that has combined hundreds of the energy journals and is the leader of the network media in the electrical power industry.
It covers the whole electric power industry, including smart grid, solar photovoltaic, thermal power, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, energy saving and environmental protection, electric power informatization, electric power industrial automation, electric power communication, power quality, energy storageand so on.
♦The whole business
It is the only one all-round website covering media portal, interactive forum, recruitment and e-commerce.By right of the electricity industry's first media platform that it offers integrated marketing, including advertising and media communication services.
♦The high-end audience
The audience positioning in the electric power industry executives, technical staff, procurement staff etc.
Because of the concentration, so it’s professional. BJX network has the best understanding of power market owing to the ten years of hard work.
Our Service
♦Integrated marketing
As the second-to-none media platform in the power industry, it provides the vertical integrated marketing service, including advertising and articles publicity, brand communication, new products promotion, technical training, EDM and other marketing methods, from all aspects of business, for the enterprise brand, dissemination enterprise idea.
♦Brand exposure
As the second-to-none professional platform in the power industry, it has a high traffic and influence and has become the preferred platform for people in the power industry to understand the power information, which will become the best media for the spreading of industry brand in the power industry.
♦Article spreading
Article spreading may help the enterprise to realize the depth ofthe brand, whichis the best supplement brand exposure. Professional information released by theBJX network not only is favored by tens of thousands of audience in the high-end industry ,but also will spread in the wider range and will be reprinted by lots of media in the first time because of the search engine weightof the BJX network.
♦Interactive marketing
With the advantages of the network media interactive and the massive unique industry databases, it can help the enterprise to realize the more influential interactive marketing.
♦Offline activities
BJX network regularly organized industry summit, seminars, promote trade exchanges, business communication. BJXnetwork helps enterprise to do the exhibition, publicity, exhibition screening before the show in exchange, exhibition, to ensure that the maximum effectenterprise publicity.
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